Hand Injury Lawyer in Phoenix

Hand Injury Attorneys in Phoenix

Hand and wrist injuries are very common in the workplace because of their fragile nature. You could accidentally cut or severely lacerate your hand on something sharp and end up with an injury that takes a long time to heal. It does not mean you’re unable to work for the rest of your life, but in some jobs you can’t do anything without the use of your hands. If it’s something a little more serious than a cut, laceration, or finger break you could be unable to perform certain actions for the rest of your life, especially if you do not receive immediate medical treatment for the hand injury.

Hand Injury Attorney in Phoenix

So far we’ve only used cuts, lacerations and finger fractures as examples of hand injuries you may sustain in the workplace. Unfortunately, much more serious injures occur to the hand in workplace injuries. Take a look at some of the common injuries we see due to accidents at work over a large number of industries:

Fractures and Breaks – Sometimes you’ll be lucky and only end up with a hairline fracture, but they can be a lot more serious. In extreme cases your hand could be crushed resulting in multiple bones being broken. Or even more serious, a compound fracture, where your bone is actually protruding out of your skin.

Strains and Sprains – There are muscles and ligaments inside your hand, and they go all the way up into your forearm. These types of injuries aren’t usually considered serious, but it will depend on how severe they actually are.

Amputation – Your entire hand doesn’t necessarily need to be amputated, because if you sustain a certain injury you might need a partial amputation. It seems unlikely until you realize partial hand amputations are very common.

Hand Injury Lawyers in Phoenix

Not all hand injuries arise from mild to severe trauma to the hand. It is possible for hand injuries to manifest from problems in other areas of the body. For example, an injury to your spine could easily manifest in one of your hands in the form of muscle wasting, RSD or muscle weakness due to a herniated disk ir central canal spinal stenosis.

These types of injuries aren’t so easy to diagnose and assess, so it is very important to inform your employer or any hand issues you may notice, chances are your work could be the cause of your pain or issues. Cases where the hand issues arise from herniated disks in the neck or other nerve impingements in the arm or shoulder are complicated. The system is very confusing and insurance companies can be difficult to deal with. This is where a skilled workers compensation lawyer comes in handy to take your case and guide you through the confusing maze of medical treatment and legal jargon that comes with a work injury.

Hand Injury Lawyer in Phoenix

An injury to your hand doesn’t just affect your job. It could easily limit your activity outside of the work place. Many people who chronic hand injuries have difficulty completing even the simplest of tasks in life, like showering and getting dresses. How are you supposed to have any quality of life if you can’t even complete you daily chores and tasks? If you are currently suffering with hand injury that is the result of workplace injury and are not getting better. It is a good idea to seek a free consultation from an experienced and ethical workers compensation lawyer in Phoenix to find out what your options are.

Hand Injury Attorneys in Arizona

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