Filing a Claim

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After suffering a workplace injury, such as a head injury, back injury or foot injury, you be not know what to do or who to talk to? You’ve probably heard of the state’s workers’ compensation program, but you’re not sure what you need to do to get the claims process started. Don’t stress if you’re unsure of what steps to take after sustaining a workplace injury. The dedicated work injury attorneys at Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group can assist you with every step of the process so you can focus on getting better.

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Please keep in mind; when suffering from a work-related injury, you are responsible for:

  • Reporting the injury to your supervisor
  • You should report the injury to your supervisor as soon as possible. The longer you wait to tell work about your injury, the harder it may be to get work comp benefits

Filing a Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury or a Worker’s Report of Injury form
After being treated for a workplace injury, it’s imperative you tell your doctor you were injured on the job. Once aware of your work injury, your doctor should provide you with a Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury form. You must fill out and sign the form so your doctor can submit it to the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA). If you did not receive the Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury form, you must fill out and submit a Worker’s Report of Injury document to the ICA.

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The law allows hurt individuals up to one year to file a report of injury claim, but it’s not recommended you wait to file. You should file a work comp claim as soon as you are aware of the injury to prevent any delays in collecting benefits. Please be aware; your claim is not automatically approved upon submission. Sadly, many valid claims are denied the first time and hurt workers are left with nothing.

Why not give yourself a better chance to get the medical care and financial compensation you need? Look to an experienced work comp lawyer at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Phoenix for expert legal representation. They have secured more than one billion in benefits for injured workers and are passionate about getting you the highest benefit amount possible for medical care, lost income, and permanent disability.

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If you filed a work comp claim and your claim was denied, do not wait to speak to a knowledgeable work injury attorney at Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group. To file an appeal, you must submit a request for hearing form within 90 days of the insurance company’s initial decision. You must file the hearing request form at one of two ICA offices. Failure to file a request for hearing form within the time outlined by the state can result in a denial of benefits. As you can see, the appeal process can be difficult to handle without a skilled lawyer representing you.

Upon hiring, the qualified work comp lawyers at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Phoenix will quickly gather, fill out, and submit all necessary paperwork to get the appeal started. They will also represent you in court and during all talks with the ICA to ensure your claim is approved.

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When a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney at Phoenix Workers’ Compensation attorney Group represents you, you can rest assured your case will be handled professionally and aggressively. They won’t rest until you have received full and fair benefits, and won’t back down to greedy insurance companies or employers. To speak one on one with a caring work injury lawyer in our group, call (602) 358-0168 right now. It won’t cost you a dime to discuss your case privately with one of our participating attorneys and if you decide to move forward with the legal process, you won’t be charged any fees until your case is won.