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CRPS Attorney in Phoenix

The central nervous system is one thing you want to stay as healthy as possible at all times. Once it starts to suffer from problems, it can destroy your life in a innumerable ways. Before you can understand how important it is to your health, you’ll first need to realize what it actually does. Your central nervous system is responsible for transmitting signals around your body, which allows you entire body and all of its organs and systems to communicate with your brain. The peripheral nervous system is the part of the CNS situated outside your brain and spinal cord; this is where CRPS comes from.

RSD Lawyer in Phoenix

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a neurological syndrome that affects your CNS, but it specifically targets your peripheral nervous system. This is because instead of your brain or spinal cord being affected, CRPS will cause problems with your limbs. It’s not a common thing you hear about every day, although you might have heard people calling it Reflex Sympathetic Disorder (RSD) too. If you do have CRPS it’s going to have a tremendous impact on your life, and you will first need to get immediate medical treatment to help eradicate or mitigate its devastating effects.

CRPS Lawyer in Phoenix

Take a look at some of the symptoms commonly associated with RSD. It’s easy to see why those who have been injured at work will want to try their hardest to claim the benefits they deserve:

  • The affected area will swell up
  • Joints can begin to stiffen up
  • A terrible chronic pain
  • A lack of proper coordination
  • Changes in your skin color and texture

There are many other symptoms associated with CRPS, and they’re all as terrible as the ones we’ve touched on. If you have the neurological syndrome it would be a good idea to speak with an experienced participating lawyer at the Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group and find out what your options are for getting the best financial settlement for your future.

RSD Attorney in Phoenix

When it comes to CRPS there is some good news, but there is also some bad news too. The good news relates to the advanced treatments on offer to help with the condition. Once the doctor knows you’ve got RSD you’ll have these options available to you:

  • Prescription Meds – These are actually effective for some people suffering with the syndrome.
  • Psychotherapy – It’s easy to stay trapped in a depressive and anxious mindset without it.
  • Surgery – If the affected nerves can be destroyed it can relieve some of your pain.
  • Neural Stimulation – The nerves can be stimulated again using special electrodes.

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The participating work comp lawyers at the Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group are here to fight in your corner. We’ll organize an evaluation with one of the top RSD lawyers ASAP. You don’t want to see your work comp claim rejected, so please reach out to us ASAP to get your case filed properly and started off on the right foot. Please call now to setup a free initial consultation, all cases are taken on a contingency, which means, if we your work comp attorney does not win your case. You pay no fees, ever! Dial (602) 358-0168 to get started today!